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Hello, and welcome to my blog!  Ah!  That sounds kind of crazy to me.  I remember when friends would encourage me to start a blog, and I would always give them an excuse or create some irrational self-doubt to talk myself out of it.

I've secretly wanted to start a blog for a while, but was too nervous.  Other bloggers have always inspired me, and I was drawn to their courage to share their passions.  When l was pregnant with my son in 2015, my secret desire to start a blog grew even more.  Throughout pregnancy, and the infant months, I would scroll through my feed wishing I was confident enough to share my favorite prenatal tips, and new motherhood stories like the other cool mom bloggers.

For those of you who have encouraged this long overdue blog post, thank you.  I decided to dump the self-doubt, and get out of my comfort zone.  So here I am.

I am a Chicago based Wellness Maven.  I have a major passion for holistic health, yoga, and fitness.  It is my lifework.  You can find me teaching group classes at CorePower Yoga and The Barre Code.  Health coaching is another love of mine, and I have worked with individuals and groups to create balance, and healthier lifestyles.  My two other jobs that I have inspired everything I just described:  I am a proud wife to my husband, Matthew, and as I mentioned earlier, the mama of my crazy cute toddler, Mason.  My other love is chocolate.  Like the highest percentage cacao possible.  I consume it every day.

The intention of my blog is to share everything like my favorite yoga pose, simple sweat-to-street fashion, and healthy recipes.  I also want to share my experiences with motherhood--the good, bad, and messy.  Iā€™d like to keep it real by creating a positive platform sharing my struggles and successes, my holistic practices that maintain balance within myself, and I hope to inspire someone else to find theirs. 

I welcome you all to read along, and stay connected with me as I go through this beautiful thing called life.

Photographer:  Tek Chung

Photographer: Tek Chung