Dedicate yourself to a workout regimen that motivates you.  With endless benefits such as improving mood, reducing the risk of disease, and increasing energy, it is essential to your life that muscles continuously reactivate.  Workouts come in all shapes and sizes.  My go-tos are power vinyasa, yoga sculpt, strength training, and I’ll always switch it up with a different workout for that extra challenge. I currently teach yoga at CorePower Yoga in Chicago. I would love to support you through private yoga or personal training sessions and/or group classes. 

CorePower Yoga Schedule:

Tuesday: 8:45a Yoga Sculpt Roscoe Village, 12p C2 Old Town

Thursday: 10a C2 and 12:30p Yoga Sculpt both at Roscoe Village

*I post my weekly schedule on my Instagram profile highlights and stories.

Email Carla at to schedule a private session.